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If I have a thousand ideas and only one turns out to be good, I am satisfied.
Alfred Nobel

A year and half ago I left the consulting world and began working at a product company.

It was an exciting move, and I was very quickly thrown into the world of software development, a world very different from the one I had left.

I was given a word of […]

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Swedish National Museum Experience Journey Map

Last week I met with up with my friend Kajsa Hartig that works as a Digital Navigator at Nordiska Museet in Stockholm. We had been trying to link up and visit the Swedish National Museum that is going to be remodeled and had an exhibition that highlighted a large interactive touch screen based exhibition about the remodel of the museum (we thought). We picked a […]

How an MBA meets the silos challenge of UX

When I was applying to one particular job at a UX form in Stockholm the issue of my MBA came up in the interview.

‘ How is your MBA useful in the UX area ?’ they asked.

Now, I had never given this much thought and had seriously considered removing the MBA from my CV but my pride (and all the hours I put into to it) […]

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Jonathan Ives and Prototypes

I can’t imagine designing without making ,

I love making prototypes. We go right from idea to prototypes. I just love making objects.

Prototypes create this dramatic shift in the conversation – suddenly it becomes tangible and the silence goes away.
- Jonathan Ive

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You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model …

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
Great post The Problem With “Innovation” in which he cites the above quote from Buckminster Fuller and points out that what looks silly, superficial, inconsequential and downright distracting when they’re first proposed can “suddenly” have fundamental consequences for society as a whole. Or, as […]

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User Research – Look and Listen

During the last few months I have been involved number of projects that involved a considerable amount of user research and testing. Through this process, I have interviewed over 50 persons for a number of digital and physical devices. There are already a large number of posts discussing user research planning and structure so I didnt really see the need for one more. What I did want […]

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Design Lessons from My Father

Over the last few years I have found myself, more the once, saying things that make me stop and think –  ’Whoa that is something my father would say’. I began to realize that much of my design and general ‘creation’ methods and philosophy comes from my father.

My father would not call himself a designer, although when asked what he did at work, he usually responded […]

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UI Design Patterns

The last few months have been a very intense time as I have recently changed jobs. In my new role, Interaction Design is a critical part of the job description (yeah) but this has put my personal UI toolbox to the test .  Over a series of weeks, I tried to expose myself to as many UI design solutions as possible. During this search, I have uncovered […]

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What is the one brand you cannot live without (except Apple, Google and Ikea)?

Last week, after the latest Apple ‘Lallapalooza, juggernaut, mother of all product releases’ event for the Ipad 2, I began to think seriously about brands. I found it interesting that a brand (Apple) can command such a following for a product release. How do such brands develop such passionate followers ? Note: for the record I followed the release myself so partially this was a […]

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Erik Spiekermann: Putting Back the Face into Typeface

A very well produced interview with Erik Speikermann. I was particularly taken by his take on a few points of the design process:

1. His Creative Process
I look at design inspirations for a long time – I look through books, on the internet and then I begin to sketch what I have seen. Then I put it all away for sometime. The next day (or next […]

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