About me

I love helping organisations solve problems and realise the value of design. I have experience in leading executive management as well as creative teams to effectively realise this.

Working collaboratively within a team to develop ideas into feasible concepts is what motivates me. There is no greater feeling than working in close partnerships and solving problems no one could on their own.

My overall design approach, is to focus on the user’s motivations, behaviours and needs to deliver the optimal solution for the end user and the organisation.  

Continuous learning and exploration is what drives me on a daily basis.

Things I love about my work


I have an strong curiosity towards understanding the essentials  of human relationship with technological and the context of it’s use.

I like to uncover insights that guide project decisions and transform the way we view solutions.

I believe in involving many team members into all types of user research – for me, research has little value if it is not communicated and benefits the team.


There is no greater feeling of working in tight partnerships and making things no one could achieve on their own.

I have significant experience of working with people from a large variety of different disciplines and cultures.

I can confidently say that I have a passion for collaboration.

Making things come true

I love generating ideas, but even more I like the feeling of when something abstract begins to take shape and become reality.

Ideation and developing ideas into feasible concepts through collaboration with a team is what I love to do.

In my career, I have tried many things before I realised that making and building something concrete, is what makes me happy and gives great satisfaction.

Management Philosophy

As a managers of creative teams, it’s my role to get the best outcome for the business, the best outcome for the user experience, and to instill confidence in our design teams so that they are in a mindset to do their best work. Highly creative people often feel more satisfaction in the process of designing than the completion of the work.

It’s in the process of designing that we are learning.

One of the most important evolutions I’ve made as a manager is to tune my coaching to reflect the individuals and where the team is in the creative process.

It’s thrilling for me to manage people who build new and innovative things, and I strive to follow a few key principles:

Transparency – communicate in an honest and straightforward way. Put yourself in the position of the team and act accordingly.
Patience – accept that fact that good design takes time.
Flexibility – Treat people as intelligent and self-motivated. Emphasising individual’s strengths not penalising weaknesses.
Learning as a team – ‘None of us are as smart as all of us’
Humble – willingness to admit mistakes and ask for help. Accepting the fact that I cannot have all the answers.

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