Cocktail Party UX

It is the Glögg season here in Sweden now and afternoon 'Glögg Parties' are quite common. Recently, I was at such a party where the the inevitable work question came up: 'What do you work with ?'

Ahh um. Since I am placed in the IT Department I usually say IT. Organisational charts are easy to understand.

'I work with computers and websites' which is sort of true, but not completely.

The fact is working with the web is difficult to classify easily and working with User Experience (UX) is even more difficult to describe. It is difficult to distil working with the web down to one single term. It seems we need that 'one thousand word image' that sums things up.

I feel there is a real need to for UX trading cards. (in development)

These cards would easily describe what a person that works with the Web into a series of easily consumable cards. Great for cocktail parties or meetings with the relatives !

These would be a cross between Stephan P. Andersons Mental Notes that describe insights into human behaviour and suggests ways to apply this to the design of Web sites to these IA One Sheeters assembled by Leah Buley from Adaptive Path:


One Sheeters donated by Tom Dell'Aringa

So until these UX cards are developed these single sheets will have to do.

Happy Holidays.
Please drink Glögg responsibly.