Getting Noticed in the Web Industry

I recently came across Christian Heillmann's post in Smashing Magazine about how you can make your mark on the web industry. In it he outlines 9 proven strategies for getting yourself known and respected in the web industry.

  1. Use social networking tools – This is where the people are.
  2. Write a (micro) blog – Even if it’s just a scratch pad for your thoughts. This is how mine started.
  3. Attend unconferences – Everyone who goes is already a presenter, which makes it easy to begin.
  4. Attend and speak at conferences – Even if it means just asking questions. Conferences are where people find you.
  5. Partner and build alliances – If you can’t do everything on your own, find someone who completes the set of skills needed.
  6. Comment on other people’s work – People will find you inspiring if you ask the right questions.
  7. Build on other people’s work – Can something do almost exactly what you need but not quite? And it’s open source? Fix it for your specific purposes and release it for others who have the same needs.
  8. Release free code, designs or templates – Nothing gets you noticed more than giving out goodies.
  9. Listen and prioritize – We already have information overload on the Web; you can be a curator.

Although the perspective is from an individual, I think that organisations can use many these points in their communication strategies as well. In the end, being social is about people and the same principles apply.

Read the full article in which he expands on each point.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]