Noun Project: Visual Icon Dictionary

I have been fascinated by info-graphical icons for some time. They always struck me as the perfect design elements - simple and understood regardless of user culture or language. That is why I was very excited to read about the Noun Project. The Noun Project’s mission is to share, celebrate, and enhance the world’s visual language. Their goal is to collect and organize all the symbols that form our language into one easy-to-use online library that can be accessed by anyone. All the symbols on the site are completely free to download, and can be used for design projects, architecture presentations, art pieces - almost about anything.

Edward Boatman launched The Noun Project via Kickstarter with a simple goal: to build a site for "sharing, celebrating and enhancing the world's visual language." Apparently it was an idea the web was waiting for, because Boatman has already received more than double the project's original budget of $1500 !

The usefulness of the site is obvious to anyone who's ever used CopyPasteCharacter, a similar source of typographical symbols. But the addition of historical tidbits is what makes The Noun Project more than a handy utility -- it's like a design-history wikipedia to lose yourself in.

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