QR Code blog list

After a recent discussion over beer with James Royal-Lawson regarding QR Codes, I decided to take a dive into this area and see what these where all  about. I have to admit, I approached them with some hesitancy in that they did not seem very user friendly (for the average user) since the required an code reader.   I still have these feelings, but with the steady march of smart phone penetration and QR code reader apps into the general population, this may change very soon. Either way, they are an exciting communication technology that deserve to be considered for any digital strategy.

I have come across a list of QR blogs that you may want to visit if you want to learn more.

  1. 2d code
  2. QR Anywhere
  3. kaywa
  4. biggu
  5. interlinkone
  6. mobile tagging
  7. qr arts
  8. QR Media
  9. QR Code
  10. Qre8
  11. Qreate and track

Two excellent blog post on QR Codes:

List of massive brands using qr codes 101 Uses For Quick Response (QR) Codes: Creating Audience Engagement With The Next Killer US App

Examples of QR Code use within the organisation:

Sales Management System for Contact Lenses

hat tip: @movito


James has kindly updated a his Twingly channel for QR codes to include some of the sources mentioned above. For those of you outside Scandinavia perhaps not familiar with Twingly, I can highly recommend it for monitoring websites.


Have I missed any, what websites do you read for information about QR Codes?