The Outline of Design - Naoto Fukasawa

As a follw up to my previous post regarding my Inspiration Portfolio I ran across a interesting photo exhibition of  some of Naoto Fukasawa work. As a designer, Naoto  focuses on the relationship between people and objects and their surroundings.

“My job is to determine the outline of an object and to design something
 that fits right into it.” Mr. Fukasawa explains.

The “Outline” is an exhibit of 65 photographs by Advertising photographer Tamotsu Fujii of 114 of Naoto Fukasawa’s product designs. “I take photographs as if I were 
looking at a piece of scenery or at a sculpture.” says Tamotsu Fujii.

Like Mr. Fukasawa, Tamotsu Fujii enjoys stripping away product features and finds hidden shapes in an entirely different light. He almost obscures the identity of the object itself so design does not get in the way.

Souce: Minimalissimo