What is the one brand you cannot live without (except Apple, Google and Ikea)?

Last week, after the latest Apple 'Lallapalooza, juggernaut, mother of all product releases' event for the Ipad 2, I began to think seriously about brands. I found it interesting that a brand (Apple) can command such a following for a product release. How do such brands develop such passionate followers ? Note: for the record I followed the release myself so partially this was a bit of self introspection. I started to think about the brands that are important to me and realized the the list was quite long. I started to wonder what brands other people felt strongly about. To get a more realistic idea of what these brands could be, I conducted a very unscientific study where I surveyed  my friends on Facebook and my Twitter followers (863 as of this writing).

The question posted to Facebook and Twitter was the following:

'What is the one brand you cannot live without (except Apple, Google and Ikea)?'

I chose to exclude certain dominating brands to get a better idea of some of the smaller brands in peoples lives.

Alphabetical result list:

Adobe Arla Artek BBC Bang & Olufsen Carhartt Copic Facebook Fender (2) Finn.no (Norwegian marketplace) Filippa K Flickr (3) G-Star Illy Leica Lego (2) Logitech Nespresso (pod coffee) Nikon Northface Norröna (outdoor equipment) Nikon Omega Pampers Paypal Pepco (electricity) Prophoto (photosite platform) Wordpress SVT (Swedish television) Senseo (pod coffee) Systembolaget (Swedish liquor retailer) Tiger Wikipedia Windows Vitra Volvo

If we look at the list we can see that it covers a wide range of consumer products with a few brands were mentioned more the once. Flickr, the photo-sharing site was the brand with the most votes (3). Next on the list, with two votes, we have Lego and Fender Guitars. Lego can be explained by the large number of my friends that have children at the moment. A bit of a surprise is Fender, the guitar manufacturer. Apparently, Fender products generate a great deal of passion from it users. Pod-coffee (Nespresso and Senseo) and Public Service Television (BBC and SVT) where, as a category, also voted for more the once.

So we can say that my friends and contacts value viewing photographs on line via Flickr, playing with Legos, playing Fender guitars, drinking good pod-coffee and viewing Public Television.

Statistics: 5 responses out of 185 friends on Facebook. 9 responses from from a Twitter following of 836 persons.