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Complexity and Systems Thinking


The world has become increasingly networked and unpredictable. Decision makers at all levels are required to manage the consequences of complexity every day. They must deal with problems that arise unexpectedly, generate uncertainty and are characterised by interconnectivity.

About the workshop

Through a combination of presentation and interactive exercises the participants will develop a solid understand of the following:

  • Todays V.U.C.A (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world that we live in today.

  • Cynefin sensemaking model - Simple, Complicated, Complex and Chaotic.

  • Using Systems Thinking to manage complexity.

  • Components of System Thinking - Emergence, Feedback, Delays, Behaviour over time.

  • Organizational System Modeling.

  • How to influence a system through organisational leverage points.

By the end of this event, you will walk away with:

  • Understanding of different aspects of complex environments and how these can be managed through the lense of system thinking.

  • A understanding of a strategic framework - Cynefin - that can improve situational awareness and decision making.

  • A system thinking framework that will model your role in relation to other stakeholders in your organisation.

  • An understanding of the ‘Mental Mindtraps’ what make thinking in systems challenging.


  • Managers at all levels of an organisation.

  • Product teams and managers and startup founders.

  • Anyone that wants to view problems from a holistic systems based perspective.


Key skills: V.U.C.A, Cynefin Sensemaking Model, Systems Thinking, Stakeholder Mapping
Participants: 5-15
Time required: 1-2 days