Erik Spiekermann: design process inspiration.

I republishing this video from 2011 since it had such a large influence on me. I admire Erik’s typeface work very much but more importantly he put into words a way of designing things that I had been using for sometime, but couldn’t really put into words. In the almost 10 years since then I have used these methods so many times and revisit this video for inspiration.

A very well produced interview with Erik Spiekermann.

I was particularly taken by his take on a few points of the design process:

1. His Creative Process

I look at design inspirations for a long time - I look through books, on the internet and then I begin to sketch what I have seen. Then I put it all away for sometime. The next day (or next week) I sit down and draw it from memory - and then it is different. It is what I remember these design inspirations are be, but it is never the same as the original.


Most things I have done have been with other people. My responsibility is to show people that the design process is always teamwork, there are no geniuses, no single incredible person that can do it all of this.