What I can offer


  • Help companies develop, lead and optimize their design capabilities. Work to develop a strong internal culture and common vision to amplify the value of good design in the organisation. I am available to act as an interim Design Leader in your organisation.

  • Develop design strategies that support real user needs, business goals and organisational vision.

  • Hold individual or a series of workshops in design thinking, product idea development and systems thinking. The workshops are collaborative and practical and the participants will learn key methods and tools to apply in their organisations. Workshops can also be customized to suit specific requirements and/or business needs.

  • Conduct User Research that develops insights that guide design decisions and transform the framework of potential solutions.  

  • Facilitate creative groups in user centered design techniques, design thinking, design studio and using stories to communicate and visualise ideas.  

  • Hands-on consulting in UX/Product Design, and Product Management.

Some rules I try to live by

1. When you need to think, move around. We think with our hands and bodies as well as our minds.

2. Get a dog. You will learn more about psychology and unconditional love then you ever expected.

3. Start each day with the mindset to be better. You may not always be the person you wish you were, but be kind to yourself and aim for better.

4. Leave your home country at some point. The world beyond is far to welcoming and people ot more alike then different. 

5. Being resolute in your thinking is valuable, but hold your beliefs loosely and be open to changing your mind.

6. Aim to listen to people and reflect before you jump into providing an overly simplistic solution. 

7. Avoid trying to being different as this takes considerable energy and everyone else is trying to do the same thing. 

My values 

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