In-depth professional development in Idea Development and Refinement, Design Thinking/Design Studio and Systems Thinking


I have extensive experience facilitation workshops for creative teams. I offer a series of idea and concept development,  design thinking/design studio and process design workshops.  Join me on a collaborative, practical journey and learn some of the key skills and tools needed to bring new mindsets, practices, and methods to your organization, department or team.

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Creative Methods for Idea Development

The foundation for this workshop ‘distributed cognition’ the notion that we think not only with our minds but hands and bodies. In this workshop students learn how to start with rough idea and form it into something that can be tested or verified. In a highly participate format students will use concepts of the Story Curve, User Story Mapping and Design Studio to sketch, present, discuss and refine multiple solutions.

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Design thinking/Design Studio

This immersive workshop will teach the core principles Design Thinking through the mastery of the Design Studio technique.  Design Studio is a technique that involves rapid sketching, presentation and critique to generate and effectively rationalise ideas or concepts.  


Systems Thinking for Design Leaders

This workshop will introduce students to the definition of systems and how mental models and perspective limit how we view them. The workshop will discuss the concepts of:


System Modeling

Leverage points of a system

Role of communication and collaboration in systems