Facilitating better knowledge retention

One of the most important goals for me as a educator and facilitator is to figure out how much new information people will take away with them. I am always on the lookout for ways to increase the efficiency learning as well as the retention.

When designing a class or a facilitation session I spend some time identifying the learning outcomes I would like to achieve for the participants. I then spend some time organising the content together with the exercises for practice or repetition.

The year of email lists...

2018 was the year I got serious about subscribing to email lists. I have been on a few lists through the years previously and found them valuable, but typically canceled them when I  literally drowned in emails or the amount of self-promotion got too great (this is a very fine line). I also limited my lists so that I actually have time to read and digest the content (Reading in Progress - RIP- limit 5-6). It is also worth noting that 4 of 6 newsletters (exceptions: Dense Discovery and On Hiring) are also podcasts which I can highly recommend.